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Picoplast has been specialized in the modernization (retrofit) of blow molding machines for more than 20 years. The machines are disassembled into all their individual parts, where by the mechanics, as well as the technology, are overhauled and renewed by us.

We also program controls for blow molding machines, draw their wiring diagrams and build the control cabinets at our factory. Only commercially standard hardware from Beckhoff is used for the control, without the use of expensive electronics (boards or electronic cards), which saves a lot of costs.

The satisfaction of our customers, as well as a conscientious work, has top priority in our company.

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Our contacts



Didier Picouleau- Business owner

Telefon: +49-(0)78 22 42 09 62 2
Telefax: +49-(0)78 22 42 09 62 4

E-mail: info@picoplast.de



Tom Picouleau

Telefon: +49-(0)78 22 42 09 62 3
Telefax: +49-(0)78 22 42 09 62 4

E-mail: tom@picoplast.de


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