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Why a new control for blow molding machines?

In most cases there are almost no replacement cards or spare parts for the existing control system. The Bekum or Bosch amplifier cards for the servo valves are also very difficult to obtain. The spare parts still available on the market are very cost-intensive, and the service life is not foreseeable.

Since 2004, we have been successfully cooperating with It-autec and Beckhoff compnents in the field of control technology for blow molding machines.

Machines with our robust control system are in operation around the world, which is above all user-friendly.


We program the software for control systems

We program:


  • PLC programs
  • Solutions in the field of drive technology


Clear advantages are:


  • cost cutting
  • Only commercial hardware from Beckhoff is used without the use of expensive electronics (boards or electronic cards)
  • Reconstruction is usually performed on site
  • The control is easy to integrate, no matter whether you have a new or used machine.
  • Spare parts supply is guaranteed worldwide and can be obtained directly from the supplier.
  • Open source software - flexibly expandable ( PLC Automation)


We develop the right control for you.



  • The planning and execution
  • The individual programming
  • Installation, installation and commissioning of the machine
  • Planning and, if necessary, delivery of the hardware




The scope of our service is determined by the customer. This allows the creation of PLC machine programs, completely new control cabinets and a commissioning on site with simultaneous training of the staff.

We would be pleased to provide you with a suitable offer for your needs.


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